How Bidets Help Common Health Issues Today

The most common health problems are the kinds of health conditions that were inherited instead of being contracted during your lifetime. What makes these kinds of health issues hard to deal with, is that we have never experienced a life where they never exist.

It seems like it has been a part of us for so long that we never really knew what it felt like without these illnesses. Take it as a sour pill, but it is true.

Bidet toilet seats were originally designed to be the new king of cleaning after yourself in the toilet. But as time passed by it became something more. Now, you have thoughtful designers from dedicated to creating advanced bidet toilet seats to not only address the toilet paper mentality that was cultivated over a hundred years but to break the status quo and usher in a new kind of technology that gives you a hands-free experience.

Bidet toilet seats also help the consumers in the battle against common health issues such as:

Anal Fissures

A small tear in the mucosa that lines the anus. Constipation is the main cause of anal fissures, and they are a hard tear to treat since they take time to heal and you can’t help your bowels. Unlike the toilet papers, bidet toilet seats will change your mind about making trips to the toilet. Instead of viewing it as hectic and disgusting.

Consumers would instead look forward to their daily trip to the toilet since they are no longer dealing with the messy aftermath. Bidet toilet seats promote a healthy bowel movement, so you don’t have to hold it in anymore.


It is the bane of everybody’s existence, aside from it being hard to deal with. Having your poop smeared all over it using a toilet paper is also not a good practice. So? What are you supposed to do? Bidet toilet seats were made with jet-powered hoses that deliver a controlled squirt towards the left-over poop blowing it away with a graceful motion.

The jet that is used also stimulates your hemorrhoids and provides the illness a clean place to heal and subside instead of constantly scratching your orifice with rough toilet paper.

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UTI  is another common health issue that is hard to deal with in this time and age. While there are some pills that you can take internally, nothing beats the added hygiene a bidet toilet seat can bring. Bidet toilet seats also have added another powered jet hose for female private parts and have given you complete control on the amount, heat, and intensity of the water that will be in contact with your vagina. Bidet toilet seats provide a cleaner and deeper clean compared to any high-quality brand of toilet paper.

Anal Itching

While we experience this one way or another during our lifetime, it is a really irritating feeling and an itch you cannot scratch outdoors. Add to that the small hint of scratching and scathing of your bottom and you have a recipe for disaster.

When you have an anal itch, no toilet paper will do. The best solution is having the calming and cleaning power of a bidet toilet seat to calm you down.

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