The Entourage Effect: How The Body Communicates With The Drugs Inside

The entourage effect refers to the synergistic action of several natural ingredients to yield better results in the management of an individual’s common disease conditions. It has been observed that a patient who has been administered an anti-depressant, for example, may have responded well if one of the active ingredients of the medication was CBD. The CBD is believed to work like an anti-psychotic substance in the body, thus giving it the ability to counteract the negative side effects of the medication. In fact, experts have proven that the CBD can even counter the negative effects of electroconvulsive therapy or deep sedation drugs. Therefore, it is now commonly used in all kinds of ailments and illnesses.

The working of all these compounds in the human body to produce better results is called the entourage effect. Products which comprise a combination of these other chemicals and CBD are said to be more effective than pure CBD extracts. The reason behind this is that CBD is able to enter the brain more quickly than most other pharmaceuticals. This allows it to act on the different neurological systems in the human body immediately and produce faster and more potent results than any other pharmaceutical products. As such, it has become very popular in recent years and has been incorporated in a wide variety of pharmaceutical products from weight loss pills to hair regrowth solutions.

However, even with this said benefit, it is also very important to state that not all CBD products are created equal. Most CBD products available in the market today have been extracted from the stems of the cannabis plant, which contain only a single variety of beneficial Cannabinoids, or those whose primary structure contains two carbon atoms and two hydrogen atoms. Most CBD extracts lack the essential fatty acids and some of its essential minerals, while also being stripped of certain essential amino acids. Therefore, when shopping for CBD supplements, it is recommended to go for those products which feature a combination of diverse CBD strains, such as Entourage Effect, which boasts of a mixture of three strains of cannabidiol and hemp. Entourage Effect also features a great concentration of fiber, as well as proteins and vitamins, which provide support to your body’s overall health.

But how does Entourage Effect work? How can such a small number of ingredients provide such remarkable effects? Well, CBD is primarily known as a powerful antioxidant, able to neutralize harmful free radicals and help maintain healthy cell functions. By doing so, CBD helps to keep diseases such as cancer at bay. The only problem was that until recently, the presence of CBD in the plant material was largely impossible, rendering CBD supplements essentially worthless for athletes and people who don’t want to consume plants.

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