What Is The Value of In-Patient Treatment At Alcohol Rehab?

When comparing the value of in-patient alcohol rehab in virginia to other treatment options, patients should consider the cost of the program. In-patient rehabs are comprehensive treatment programs that may include medical care, therapeutic and educational programs. Patients stay on-site with a multidisciplinary team of care providers. In-patient rehabs can vary widely in cost, from modest to luxurious. However, patients can save money on treatment by securing health insurance coverage. In some cases, private insurance is sufficient to cover all costs.

4 Benefits In-Patient Treatment At Alcohol Rehab

  1. Help with detoxification.
  2. Learn how to manage triggers.
  3. Gain insight from those with similar problems.
  4. You will have time to think about your addiction and recovery plan.

Insurance coverage often covers a portion of the cost of in-patient alcohol rehab treatment. While this cost may not seem significant, some policies cover the costs of detox as part of the overall program. If you don’t have health insurance, you may also be able to get assistance with the cost of detox. Many insurance companies cover up to 80 percent of the costs of addiction treatment. This may make it possible to pay for in-patient treatment without any upfront costs.

Residential rehab is typically the most expensive type of treatment. While outpatient rehab provides some benefits, residential programs are designed for people who cannot avoid temptation in their community. They can range from $500 to 650 per day, depending on the program and its length. However, these programs can last for weeks or even months. A short-term rehab program might cost as little as a day while an intensive rehab program can cost as much as $5,000 or more.

In-patient alcohol rehab treatment costs vary by the type of center and the level of clinical care recommended. Inpatient care may be more expensive than outpatient, but state-run centers often offer free treatment programs. The cost of in-patient rehab also depends on whether the patient is covered by health insurance.

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