Hypospadias Repair: Taking Care Of Your Child After The Operation

A hypospadias repair is an operation procedure that aims to correct the penis and move its opening to the tip. After this operation, most patients will go home the same day. In this article, we discuss some of the care tips to help you take care of your child after a hypospadias repair. And how to choose the best hypospadias repair doctor

After the hypospadias repair surgery, a plastic tube is sometimes left in his urethra. It is called a stent. That helps with the urine draining from the bladder after the surgery.

The stent is held with a stitch and tape to keep it in place. In the presence of a stitch, the pediatric urologist will ask that you bring your child to have it removed after a week or two. If the stent falls at home as they go about their lives, this should not be a cause for alarm if they can pass urine comfortably.

If unable to pee, you need to rush them to a reputable emergency unit for a check-up. If the stent gets unplaced as it should, you need to contact the urologist as soon as possible to schedule a time when you have it removed.

Helping your child deal with any pain or fever

Just like most operations, many children experience fevers after the procedure, especially on the first day. It is also normal for them to get some pains.

If your child experiences any of these, consult the urologist on the kind of painkillers to administer.

Do not self-administer or buy over-the-counter drugs without a prescription. That may lead to more dire health complications.

Ensure to follow the doctor’s instructions after the hypospadias repair. If you have any concerns, have them addressed immediately.

Eating and drinking after the operation

After the penile hypospadias repair, ensure that your child takes a lot of fluid after. They should increase their liquid intake more than they would normally. A lot of clean water is encouraged.

Your child’s activity

Do not get worried if your child wants to play and move around after a few weeks of the hypospadias repair surgery. However, watch over him as he plays with his toys so that he doesn’t hurt himself. Your child should embark on his normal playful activities once the urologist says he’s fully healed.

He may play as usual but avoid toys he has to straddle for the first several weeks after.

Choosing the best urologist

When choosing a hypospadias repair doctor or a urologist, there are several factors you need to consider. Some of these include:

  • Get referrals

Your friends, co-workers, family, relatives, and even your primary care provider can be a resource for discovering the best urologist in the market. Ask about reliable professionals they know of and, then narrow down your options. That helps you to settle for the best in the market. Do your diligence before making a final decision. It will help you doctor so much your preferred profession.

The internet is also a reliable place to start your search. Look at the reviews of the facility and its doctors. One with positive ones will more likely give you the best services, and vice versa.

  • Consider the gender

Sometimes your child will feel uncomfortable talking to a female doctor or letting them perform tests on them. If the facility allows, consider asking for a male urologist. They have a better understanding of the male reproductive system. That does not mean that female urologists are not good at their job. It all depends on whom your child or yourself is comfortable with.

  • Experience and credentials

When looking for a hypospadias repair specialist, you want to check their board certification. That will assure you of their expertise, knowledge, training, and experience. That means that you can trust their services.

Also, consider a urologist with many years of experience. The more their knowledge on hypospadias repair, the better. An experienced professional has expertise in this field and will most likely perform a successful surgery.

  • Insurance cover

Before you settle for a urologist, consider your insurance cover. To maximize on insurance benefits and avoid paying a lot from your pocket treatment, consider a facility that participates in your plan. That will save you a lot of money in the long haul.

  • Communication style

Finally, you want to choose a hypospadias repair doctor you are comfortable with. Their communication style should appeal to you. They should show concern for your health and endeavour to update you throughout the surgery process and aftercare. Should need any clarity before and after treatment, the doctor should communicate effectively to eliminate any doubts and address any fears.

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