Signs You’re Getting Addicted to Pot Consumption


If you are a marijuana consumer, possibly you’ve heard about someone battling an addiction to the drug. This is a common problem, especially when marijuana consumption is on a high and uncontrollable level. To most people who experience pot addiction, a good number of them don’t even realize if they’ve become addicted.

Pot addiction mostly happens in more significant numbers among those who start abusing it at a tender age. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you even if you join the club in your late forties. Once facing pot addiction, your life begins to shift towards focusing on the full-time consumption of weed.

How to Know You’re Addicted to Marijuana

Like any other form of substance abuse and addiction, marijuana addiction may reveal itself through a variety of signs and symptoms. These are mainly different in appearance and severity from person to person. Medicinal marijuana, which is mostly available in legalized pot shops, can also be addictive if used excessively for unintended purposes. Below are the red flags that should let you know you are a marijuana addict.

Drug Tolerance and Withdrawal

Regular use of any drug allows you to build tolerance for it. This is the same case with marijuana. It means you’ll need more and more of it for you to get high. Anytime you find yourself in need of more marijuana to become high, chances are you’ve begun building tolerance for it.

Withdrawal signs such as vomiting, anxiety, and insomnia may point to possible addiction.  This kind of addiction affects how you can’t think of anything other than obtaining weed. However, some of the best weed stores around have a knowledgeable staff that understands unhealthy weed consumption habits. They are always ready to guide you on the best way to get high without falling into a deep addiction.

Inability to Quit

You may reach a situation where you think of taking a break from weed consumption. This is usually a good initiative, especially if it’s doing you more harm than good. However, in situations where you find it not easy to stop the habit, you are probably addicted to it.

This inability to stop the consumption means your body still needs the drug. It is a sign you are addicted to weed, and perhaps you require professional help for you to get clean again.


Depending On Marijuana to Find a Certain Balance

Perhaps you’ve seen people who can’t do anything without getting a puff. This is common with people who are involved in uncontrolled weed consumption. If you need to get high before you feel comfortable, you may have a marijuana addiction.

Finding a balance may range from building your self-confidence, mind relaxation, or getting creative with some work. This kind of addiction is dangerous, as it means your entire personality is mainly dependent on weed consumption.

Final Thought

Any unmeasured consumption always leads to serious addiction. The addiction may even get severe if it’s combined with other substance abuse such as alcoholism. Recovering from marijuana addiction will require drug rehabilitation. However, being a responsible user will save you from getting addicted.

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