Preparing for a PRK Laser Surgery

Prior to going through PRK laser surgical treatment, you will initially meet an eye doctor at Kraff Eye Institute, who will discuss what to expect during and after the surgical procedure, as well as answer any one of your concerns.

First Consultation 

During your consultation, the eye clinic will require them to establish that you’re a good fit for the PRK eye surgery by assessing your medical history, as well as examining your eyes. They will begin by drawing up your treatment by gauging your corneal thickness, checking eye pressure, mapping the cornea, as well as screening refraction.

If you put on contacts, you will need to take a break from wearing them before your analysis. Gas absorptive contact individuals need to stop utilizing them 3 weeks prior to the assessment, for various other kinds of contacts, you need to halt use around 3 days before surgery.

On the Day of Surgical Treatment 

When the day of your surgical procedure arrives, eat some amount of food, as well as take every of your suggested drug. Do not use any type of hair accessories or eye makeup that is going to make it tough to conveniently put your head under the laser. You need to also see to it you have ample transportation to and from your surgical procedure, as well as an initial follow-up visit. Before undertaking a surgical procedure, the hospital might administer medicines to assist with leisure.

What to Expect Throughout PRK Laser Surgery 

At the time of the PRK surgery, the eye clinic will initially numb your eye utilizing a skin anesthetic. The whole treatment is going to take around 10 minutes at the majority for both eyes. The treatment functions by thoroughly removing a part of the surface area skin for accessing the top surface of the eye. Following off, an excimer laser gets utilized to improve the curvature of the cornea. The laser is computer-controlled to supply specific pulses of awesome ultraviolet light to get rid of microscopic quantities of tissue in a certain pattern. After that, a soft contact lens “bandage” is placed over the cornea for protecting the eye till it heals in the following 3 to 5 days.

The main distinction between LASIK and PRK occurs during the initial step of the treatment. While going for LASIK surgery, a small flap is reduced right into the cornea utilizing a femtosecond or microkeratome laser. The flap is after that lifted to access tissue in the corneal, which is reshaped utilizing an excimer laser.

At the time of PRK surgery, the slim external layer of the epithelium, or the cornea, is got rid of completely, as well as the underlying corneal is reshaped utilizing an excimer laser surgery. The epithelium then is entrusted to fix itself for a couple of days after surgery.

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