Where’s the Best Country to Pursue a Medical Career?

Now and then the thought pops into your head about finding greener pastures abroad. Though it might be a fantastic idea to pursue medicine in a different country, you might want to take a breather and a step back to reconsider what your actual options are.

Pursuing your medical career abroad straight out of medical school might not be your best option, but there also exist the best places to seek medicine elsewhere. Before you start packing your bags and scheduling your booking arrangements, here are some of the best countries to help you plant your feet in starting your medical career.


Going to Canada isn’t too far off from being in the United States. Job opportunities and citizenship perks and health benefits are also excellent here if you’re looking to reap the rewards of your employment. Higher pay does exist in the USA, but it could be a better alternative depending on what you’re looking for.

United Kingdom

The trend with UK-trained doctors seems to be in moving to Australia to find work since the current situation in the UK has placed it in a bit of a significant issue. Brexit as a political issue is sure to make the Pound Sterling fluctuate here and there until the UK has its grip again on how they should manage their local industries, which include the housing and healthcare market. However, if you’re looking to pursue studying instead, the UK is the best place to relearn your roots and to seek a field in medicine through an academic approach.


Speaking of UK doctors moving to Australia, it offers one of the highest rates for specialists, reaching as high as $247,000 for some. The primary reason why doctors from the UK move here is due to the state of their hospitals and its primary focus on teaching and education. Studies and innovations are given a higher priority here as they have the facilities to accommodate tests and teaching courses.

United States

Whether by chance or design, it turns out you don’t have to go too far if you’re looking for one of the best countries to start a medical career. Your options range from being a private practitioner to working as a professor to finding a position in a big hospital. Recruitment firms in the US allow practitioners to connect with different institutions with job openings. Agencies such as offer job opportunities for physicians, surgeons, and nurses to find work in the best way possible.

The Netherlands

One of the best places to start a career is in the Netherlands where commitment is low and salaries are high. With various holidays paired up with shorter work hours, working here might be a stark contrast to working in other countries. Since their healthcare regulations require a family doctor, employment is never at risk, especially for specialists. As one of the top states for paying physicians, they boast a $250,000 yearly salary, just a few thousand above America and Australia.


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