Using Acupressure For Labor

Acupressure is definitely an ancient Chinese therapy which has lengthy been accustomed to treat common illnesses and ailments with positive results. It really works across the similar concepts as acupuncture but without using needles. Specific points and meridians (energy lines) in your body are stimulated very lightly using pressure applied using whether thumb or finger.

Acupressure has become gaining recognition in the western world especially among pregnant moms who want to understand how to use acupuncture for labor. In this way, acupressure can be used very effectively to induce labor naturally and also to relieve the discomfort at work. Midwives and health professionals alike are recommending acupressure as a means of inducing labor naturally and relieving discomfort and nausea brought on by morning sickness.

There are particular points in your body termed the acupressure points and every lead to balancing your body which stimulates an answer in your body. Here are a few tips regarding how to use acupressure for labor.

If you’re past your deadline and also self induce yourself naturally, make use of the bladder point that is located one finger width over the bottom crease midway between your dimple within the bottom and also the spine. You’ll feel a ridge or depression here. Rub this time lightly for 15-thirty seconds using either your thumb or finger. Just use this if you’re past your deadline because it will induce labor.

To stimulate contractions and labor, rub the the spleen point lightly. It’s located within the ankle, four finger widths over the ankle bone (the elevated bone within your ankle).

If you’d like to make use of acupressure for labor discomfort relief the stimulate the hoku point that is located on top of your hands within the webbing involving the thumb and pointer finger. You’ll have the point like a sensitive place that feels bruised whenever you rub it. Make use of the thumb and pointer finger of the other hands to lightly apply pressure into it. Practice this together with your partner so you’ll know what to do in labor. This time also stimulates contractions.

Acupressure is among the safest, simplest and best ways of naturally inducing labor and relieving labor discomfort for mother and baby. Studies on using acupressure for labor has proven that acupressure not just induces labor more rapidly but additionally accelerates the labor process therefore reducing the quantity of stress and discomfort for mother and baby.

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