Making A Choice Between A Horizontal And A Vertical Juicer

Are you a healthy lifestyle enthusiast? Do you do juicing as part of achieving your healthy living lifestyle? Then you would be interested in finding the best juicer to give you the most nutrient-loaded juice. You can choose between a horizontal juicer and a vertical juicer. Below are things to consider.

  • Type of the fruit to be juiced

Vertical slow juicers are very effective for making soft fruits like oranges, berries, oranges, and many other soft fruits. If your preference is soft fruits, then the vertical slow juicer could be your consideration.

On the other hand, horizontal slow juicers are better at extracting juice from dry fruits, fibrous roots, vegetables, and leafy vegetables. Therefore if your choice of fruit lies within the categories mentioned, your vote goes to the horizontal slow juicer. As you choose between the two types of juicers there are some of the factors to consider:

  • How do you want to feed your vegetables and fruits

When it comes to vertical slow juicers, they are fed from above through a chute. You do not need to cut the fruits, provided they can fit into the chute. This means that less time is used to chop the fruits to make juice.

Before loading the fruits or vegetables, you need to clean them and then chop them into pieces. This will keep the machine from jamming, takes more time, and is more labor intensive.

  • Versatility and usefulness

Horizontal juicers are more versatile and adaptable since they can perform more tasks. They can be used for juicing fruits and vegetables, baby foods, pasta, and frozen desserts.

They could also come with additional accessories at the exact cost or additional cost for grinding spices, coffee, and even nuts to produce oil.

Vertical juicers are less versatile and have fewer functions than horizontal juicers. They mainly produce juice from juice and vegetables.

  • Ease of  Cleaning

It is easier to clean horizontal juicers due to their design. It entails cleaning a small screen with water and a brush after about 2 to 3 juicing.

Vertical juicers have a large screen which is difficult to clean. The pulp draining chute accumulates a lot of waste pulp which needs to be removed manually.

If you find the vertical juicers more appealing, then go for the models with a juice cap. Once you are done with juicing, you just need to add water through the chute and allow it to run for a minute or so. The swirling action cleans the stuck pulp, after which the water is drained.

It is important to note that it is good to clean your juicer immediately after use to prevent the pulp from drying in the juice. It becomes difficult to clean off.

  • Cost

Between the horizontal and the vertical slow juicers, the horizontal juicers are more affordable. This is because they use simpler components.

Vertical juicers are suitable for soft fruits, while horizontal juicers are very effective in juicing fruits and vegetables and are more versatile.

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