How To Choose A Suitable Beard Dye?

In the past few years, the field of men’s grooming and beauty products has evolved. More and more men are investing in different types of grooming products available for men. The sale of beard tint has increased tremendously in the past few years. Since there is a plethora of beard dyes available, choosing the right product and shade can be overwhelming. Going with the wrong beard shade can make a man look weird, artificial, and age more.

Identifying the personal style

Before choosing a beard dye product, one must ask about the style he is going for. There are several factors involved here to answer the question. Does one have a short beard, long, or groomed beard? Based on one’s style, the dye should be chosen. Furthermore, age and personality also matter in determining the suitable beard dye. One of the primary concerns is to look as natural as possible. Often men choose totally an opposite beard dye and end up looking silly.

Picking a shade lighter

One of the essential rules to follow while buying a beard tint is to ensure one must buy one shade lighter. There are two reasons for it:

  •   Due to sun exposure or any other pigmentation issue, a man can go darker.
  •   Going with one shade lighter enables the tint to bring stray greys to a better-blended color. Furthermore, it allows a more significant impact on the already darker beard.

Considering the ingredients

There are two warnings a buyer must follow while shopping for beard dye products. The first ingredient that must be avoided in a beard tint product is ammonia. Ammonia can significantly damage hair cuticles and can be the reason behind eye allergy and skin rashes. The second toxic ingredient that must be avoided is PPD or Para-Phenylenediamine. This is a common ingredient that triggers allergic reactions in 95% of users.

Since beard tints contain chemical dyes, one cannot avoid using chemicals unless 100% organic or vegan dye is used for bear tinting. Buying an organic beard dye is way more expensive, and it is not readily available as well. In the name of vegan beard tints, several brands sell products laden with chemical fillers.

Matching beard color to eyebrows

Matching beard color to eyebrows is one of the easiest methods for picking the right beard tint. For instance, if one has tan eyebrows and chooses a black beard tint, there is a sharp contrast in color. Thus, the eyebrows will appear unkept and lost. Similarly, if one chooses tan beard dye with black eyebrows, it will appear unnatural and artificial. Hence, it is necessary to complement the beard tint and eyebrows.


Whether one is new to beard grooming, or an experienced one, selecting the right beard tint catering to one’s needs and style is challenging. Natural beard color is diverse and highly personal. When one chooses a beard tint, it is important to look natural, and one must be comfortable and confident after dying the beard.

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