Everything to Know About a High-Speed Blender

Ever since its launch, High-speed blenders have grabbed great market attention. In comparison to standard blenders, these are 5x times more robust. With its strong motors and blades, it blends quickly and solid grains. They usually come with a larger canister size and other functional accessories like to-go cups and tampers. With its increasing popularity and easy application, the high speed blender from Hurom has found its way to the average home kitchen from professional commercial kitchens.

Why Are High-Speed Blenders so Popular?

High-speed blenders feature extremely powerful motors that blend out fibrous and hard foods. In a high-speed blender, stringy dates, kale leaves, and spinach stem all turn into ultra-creamy purees. Smoothie lovers love it since it allows them to add more fiber and nutrition to their drinks. Chefs enjoy using it to prepare smooth, pureed soups and sauces.


The high speed blender from Hurom comes with the following features-

  • Jug – The big glass or plastic container in which ingredients are blended.
  • The lid – The lid to seal the power blender container.
  • Dosing Cap – A little cap on the top for adding liquids to the mix, such as oil.
  • Knives – The jar’s internal metal blades
  • Spatula – A plastic pusher used to help push items into the blender while it is churning.
  • Base – The jug can be tightened using the unit that contains the motor.

How to Use a High-Speed Blender?

High-speed blenders feature a variable speed dial knob that can be turned from 1 to 10. Every time the machine is turned on, it is started at a high frequency, which overloads the motor. The variable speed should be set to its lowest level first, then increased slowly. In this way, there will not be any outflow of food particles, and there will be no need to stop the machine every time to scrape the container’s edges.

However, running the blender slowly for an extended period is not recommended. It can cause a strain on the motor. In most cases, the mixing time will be shorter than one minute. Thick paste requires blending for 30 seconds or less. In case the blades rotate without catching the ingredients, one needs to use the tamper to nudge the food toward the blades.

Dates or nuts must be pre-soaked for certain high-speed blender recipes, such as nut-based sauces and nuts milk. Even though a blender can completely blend these ingredients, the little immersion will soften them to get an extra smooth texture.

The usefulness of High-Speed Blenders Apart from Smoothies

Making sugar powder

One can save time and money by making powdered sugar at home. The high-speed blender’s engine will crush regular white sugar into a flour-like powder. To prevent clumping, one can add a teaspoon of cornflour.

Making flour

Coconut, oats, rice, quinoa, or other ingredients can be ground into flour using a high-speed blender. Some high-speed blenders feature a dry-grain blending container that grinds flour more effectively.

Whipping up fresh cream

One can fill a bowl with heavy cream, then whisk it until soft peaks form. Thus, a high-speed blender can make frothy whipping cream effortlessly and quickly.


With so many benefits and functional features, high-speed blenders deserve a worthy place in every home kitchen. It is also perfect as a gifting option for a variety of occasions.

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